Fall Updates from Wolf Park

Purple is the New Orangethumb_dsc_1036_1024
Scarlette the red fox has been off her feed the past couple of weeks. She’s lively, she’s cheerfully squabbling with Joker, but she buries food instead of eating it. With a fox who usually gobbles everything in sight, this is cause for concern. It’s easy to tell who is eating the treats she buries as well since Joker is currently weighing in at nineteen and a half pounds.

Although it may be nothing, we didn’t want to take chances so Scarlette was taken to the vet for an ultrasound. Everything turned up normal on the tests. Unfortunately, the ultrasound meant our little fox had to have her belly shaved.

The fur should grow back quickly, but until then, Scarlette has become a fashion model. She’s been accommodating thus far regarding her new wardrobe. We hope the fluff will grow back before winter arrives, but if not, some of the volunteers are considering knitting her sweaters.

kantipumpkinIt’s the Great Pumpkin, Wolf Park!
The annual Pumpkin Party was a huge success from animal and human perspective alike. Kids helped stuff and deliver pumpkins to the waiting crowd of animals. Kanti, Bicho and Fiona played ‘swap the pumpkin’ for a very long time. Timber was a little nervous about the crowd. She grabbed her pumpkin away from the fence and carried it to a Safe Distance before consuming the treats. Kailani hasn’t been interested in treats lately so we filled hers with fresh beef. We aim to please. Of the bison, only Junior, the bull, showed up to eat so he consumed three pumpkins worth of apples and sweet feed. The weather was excellent and wonderfully warm for this time of year – some of the visitors even enjoyed popsicles after the festivities concluded.

Thanks to Brian Venghous for donating the pumpkins!

dsc_0682 dsc_0984

What’s an Alpha?
If you watch television, you hear terms like ‘Alpha Male’ being thrown around in relation to humans with big egos or confident demeanor. Journalist Bethy Squires came by Wolf Park recently to discuss the meaning behind various terms and how they actually apply to science, not just how they are used (incorrectly) in our culture. Check out her article here.

2017 Calendars are Here!
The 2017 calendars have arrived! Enjoy twelve months with the animals of Wolf Park. Order yours today on our Online Store!


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