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Dear Friend of Wolf Park,

Forty-five years ago, Wolf Park’s founder, Dr. Erich Klinghammer inspired us with his mission to “Save Wolves, Save Wilderness”—this year with YOUR help we have celebrated his memory and done just that. Along with our 45th Anniversary weekend celebration in April we spent the year reminiscing as well as dreaming about where Wolf Park was, how far it’s come, and where to go next. Your loyalty and generosity, along with Dr. Klinghammer’s vision inspire the volunteers, board of directors, and staff everyday making us want to do more not just for our animal ambassador’s but for wolves in the wild.

Your donation today will help Wolf Park succeed tomorrow.

Along with hosting over 19,000 guests for our regularly scheduled guided tours, summer camps, educational seminars and howl nights, your financial support in 2017 helped to accomplish many exciting things including:

  • In April we welcomed FIVE new animal ambassadors to the pack—Aspen, Máni, and Sparrow were born at Wolf Park. We partnered with Wolf Mountain in upstate New York to trade two of our wolf pups with theirs to increase genetic diversity, thus bringing Niko and Khewa to Wolf Park.
  • Some new displays were added to our education building this past year including a naturalistic den display allowing visitors to learn more about our animal ambassadors’ wild counterparts.
  • This summer Wolf Park partnered with the Purdue Climate Change Research Center and offered “Tipping Point: Talking Climate and Carnivores over a Cold One”, a four-lecture series on climate change.
  • We offered a brand new seminar focusing solely on animal enrichment by Dr. Lindsay Mehrkam.
  • DSC_0737-1024x683

    $250 donation. 6″ Magnetic Car Magnet

    Our Wolf Park summer team built a hut structure including a firehose bed for our 1.5 acre enclosure, which is a favorite of our animal.

Those are just the highlights, too! YOUR support makes Wolf Park’s success a reality, and we couldn’t do what we do without YOU. We are honored and grateful that you choose to support Wolf Park and we are asking you to continue your financial support now. Your gift of any size is appreciated. No amount is too large or too small!

Wolf Park does not receive government funding. Please donate today!

Stoneware Mug

$500 donation – Mugs come in a variety of colors. Receive the limited 45th Anniversary edition logo while supplies last.

On average, it takes $545,000 to maintain Wolf Park and we rely on your donations to help us cover our costs. YOU are the reason that we are able to provide excellent care to each of our animals. Financial contributions also help us provide education to the public and resources for researchers working to support our animal ambassadors’ wild counterparts. Please consider making a donation to Wolf Park today.

As a special thank you for our contributors this year, we are offering “gifts” for the following donation levels:

  • For $250, you will receive a new Wolf Park Car Magnet and a 4X6 matted photo taken by Monty Sloan.
  • For $500, you will receive our Wolf Park Stoneware Mug.
  • For $750, you will receive a new Wolf Park fleece blanket.
  • For $1000, you will receive, a one-year sponsorship and a Photo Session with hardcover photo book containing photos of your visit.
Micro-Plush Blanket

$750 Donation. Micro-plush blanket. 50″X60″. Forest green with cream logo in corner.

Along with our daily expenses, our animal ambassadors need updated enclosures to continue to thrive. This year we are offering you an opportunity to contribute specifically to our Wolf Enclosure Capital Project. To participate, just click the checkbox to indicate that you wish your donation to go towards this project and 100% of the funds will be directed as such.

During this holiday season, please consider a gift to Wolf Park today. Your generous gift will enable us to continue providing outstanding care for our animals and engaging programming for visitors.

THANK YOU for sharing in Erich’s mission for the past 45 years. With your continuing support, we can share the next 45 with you, too!

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