Check out Wolf Discovery Days!

Who would not love to get to know wolves a bit better? The Wolf Discovery Day is your chance to go in-depth with wolves. The program includes information about Wolf Park, why we are here and what is our mission. Staff members will give you insights into the history of wolves in North America, and more specifically, how are they doing today. A walking tour of the Park will provide more personal information about how Wolf Park manages its residents, and all the ways they keep the wolves healthy and happy. Learn about how the animals serve our mission through our opportunities for behavioral observations, cognitive testing and their innate ability to inspire awe and fascination in our visitors. It is this deep response in visitors that creates change in the animal and human relationship on the planet.

Participants learn about what needs to happen for wolves and humans to coexist into the future, and what efforts are happening on their behalf in the U.S. and beyond. Finally the day will end with an opportunity to meet a wolf or two personally, without a fence in between you. This up close contact with a wolf is often the most profoundly educational and inspirational moment of the day — no amount of talking replaces the sensation of another species acknowledging your presence.

The Wolf Discovery Day is a perfect introduction to wolves, and a chance to deepen your understanding of this persecuted species. It is a wonderful way to get the most out of a short visit to Wolf Park, and is also a great gift to a wolf lover.

Click here to sign up! (Or call our office at (765) 567-2265!)

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