Bunnies are a Pup’s Best Friend

Whose bunny is it anyway? Photo by Caity Judd

The Twiglets are spending more and more time outside. They spent all of Friday in big enclosure closest to the puppy nursery. They were a little unnerved until their puppy parents made them a blanket fort. Using that as ‘home base’, they gradually explored the rest of the enclosure.

On Saturday they were brought to an enclosure on the other side of the park for the first time. They could see the coyotes on one side and Wotan and Wolfgang on the other. They enjoyed the new view and chose a favorite platform to sleep both on and under until it was time to return to the nursery. Back in the nursery, they dragged a dead rabbit onto the bed and all three had a civil meal together.

Bone Tussle. Photo by Karen Davis

They love rabbits. Their skill at tearing into the carcasses improve every day. We sometimes quarter the rabbits so they can each have a piece, but they can also tear open a whole rabbit with growing skill. They are almost completely weaned. Along with rabbit, they’ve started eating deer and chicken.

They had their first sponsor visit and photo shoots will begin tomorrow. The public is so excited to see them!

The Mountaineers have met Sparrow on neutral ground and Sparrow is delighted to have little siblings. She handicaps herself when she wrestles with them, but is quick to squash any ideas Khewa might have about which female is queen of the puppy nursery.

Niko the photo bomber. Photo by Bronwyn Chidzey

Khewa has been more reactive to sounds than the other pups so the Mountaineers are listening to a lot of music and nature sounds. It is helping them adjust to noises. At the time of writing, they are listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. They will be well-prepared for encounters with hobbits and orcs should this come up later in life.

Niko and Khewa enjoy a deer leg. Photo by Bronwyn Chidzey

Cypress and Tauriel. Photo by Caity Judd

Staff Member Caity stopped in at Wolf Mountain Nature Center to see how Cypress and Tauriel (formerly Anya) are developing. The puppies are happy, healthy, and growing fast. They’ll be moving outside soon and will be delighted to have more space. Wolf Mountain will be keeping us up-to-date on their development and we’re so grateful to stay in touch.


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Want to Meet the Puppies?
There are still a few slots left in the Puppy Photo Shoots. You can also Sponsor a Puppy and set up a time to meet them. We also have a One Day Seminar and a Three Day Seminar coming soon, which will include visits with the pups. Space is limited. Sign up today!

Máni. Photo by Karen Davis

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