Bringing up Bison


Wolf Park would like to welcome our newest additions. As visitors may have noticed, our bison herd has dwindled this past summer as we prepared to bring in new arrivals from another facility. We want to keep our herd healthy and part of doing so means the arrival of fresh cows in the group.

These one and three-year-old cows came to us from Van Meter Buffalo Ranch. The older one may be carrying a calf, which will mean additional new blood in the spring. They are currently getting to know the rest of the herd through the fence. Once everyone seems comfortable, introductions will begin and we’ll have a growing herd of bison once more.

Originally bison were brought to Wolf Park as representatives of other North American species during the early days of the park when we thought we’d grow past our wolf origins to encompass more species. They remained as part of our wolf and bison predator/prey study, in which we allowed the public to see how little large, healthy animals have to fear from wolves. Since the conclusion of the demonstrations, the bison have moved into a new role as trainees of a unique species for our seminars and intern programs. Trainers have begun working with the bison to teach them targeting and luring. The trainers have dreams of moving on to shape recognition and other behaviors. The bison are happy to join the training sessions, if it means apples and sweet feed.

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