BBC Scotland Filming at Wolf Park!

Wolf Park is pleased to announce that BBC Scotland will be filming at their facility for three days this July!   Wolf Park, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on research, education and conservation, is home to wolves, bison, coyotes and red and gray foxes.

Filming at Wolf Park will examine how wolves use their senses.  Utilizing information gained from research at the facility over the past 41 years, experiments will be set up that show how wolves react to scent and to visual cues presented by humans.  Dr. Kathryn Lord, who has conducted research and been a “Puppy Mother”, helping to socialize several litters of wolf pups at Wolf Park, will be interviewed for the production.

While in the area BBC will also be going to People’s Brewing Co to film a blind man who uses sound to navigate.  They will interview him about how ‘echolocation’ allows him to be more independent and what this experience is like.

Don’t be surprised if  you see the BBC Scotland film crew in the downtown area/John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge/Wabash Landing area while they are visiting our community.

Wolf Park is very excited to be hosting the BBC Scotland film crew and looks forward to helping them provide education on how wolves perceive the world through their heightened senses.

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