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The Start of Two Beautiful Friendships

  Timber Loves Every Boy On Monday, Renki and Timber had a play date together which ended rapidly once Timber had exhausted and irritated Renki to the end of his tolerance. Meanwhile, Bicho was making hopeful eyes at Timber through … Continue reading

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Kailani, 2004 – 2016

Kailani has left us.  The little puppy whose name meant “sea and sky” in Hawaiian grew up into a beautiful silver wolf.  She was the alpha female of the main pack for many years and retired during the winter of … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Wolf Park! We are thankful this year for the continued healthy recovery of cancer survivor Renki, the amazing donations we’ve received toward the building of a recovery pen and improved fox enclosure; the … Continue reading

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Animal Updates

Renki Update Renki is doing great! He and Ayla enjoyed a day in the big main enclosure last week and Renki seemed delighted to have room to really stretch his legs. A missing limb isn’t slowing him down at all! … Continue reading

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Fall Updates from Wolf Park

Purple is the New Orange Scarlette the red fox has been off her feed the past couple of weeks. She’s lively, she’s cheerfully squabbling with Joker, but she buries food instead of eating it. With a fox who usually gobbles … Continue reading

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Bringing up Bison

Wolf Park would like to welcome our newest additions. As visitors may have noticed, our bison herd has dwindled this past summer as we prepared to bring in new arrivals from another facility. We want to keep our herd healthy … Continue reading

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Straw Wolves and Wildflowers

Autumn is arriving in Indiana. The leaves are beginning to turn colors, the wolves are growing their winter coats, and the annual Trail of Scarecrows is making its appearance in Prophetstown State Park. Every year, Prophetstown invites non-profits and clubs … Continue reading

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Picassos with Paws

Once a year we break out the animal-safe paint and let the park residents try their paws at art. What started as a chance for just the wolves explore their artistic sides has now blossomed into every species getting a … Continue reading

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Fox Meets Frisbee

Entertaining the park animals is important to their emotional well-being. Bored animals are stressed animals. We do our best to provide novel experiences for all our residents on a regular basis. This is especially true for the foxes who, if … Continue reading

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Presenting: Walk for Wolves 2016 T-Shirt!

Check out the design for this year’s Walk for Wolves t-shirt. Want one? Register your pack before September 19th to receive one. They’ll be for sale on the day of the walk as well. $2.00 of every shirt sold will … Continue reading

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