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Opening the Door: A New Family of Grey Foxes

  We have grey fox kits! Kestrel and Lark are the newest additions to Wolf Park. As you may already know from our last blog post and several social media blasts, these two boys seem to be settling in quite … Continue reading

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Wolf Park Welcomes Kestrel and Lark!

After relentless hours of phone calls, emails, and traveling, Wolf Park is delighted to welcome two little fox kits, Kestrel and Lark. These two brothers, initially identified as Shy Guy and Brave Boy respectively, are settling right into their indoor … Continue reading

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Willow – April 2, 2006 – April 1, 2019

Willow has left us. The little girl coyote who grew into a force of nature, who was ‘She Who Cannot Be Ignored’, according to Twister, passed away on April 1st. The next day would have been her thirteenth birthday I … Continue reading

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Wolf Park’s Position on Delisting the Grey Wolf

The Top Line: Wolves are Essential. Just last month, in March of 2019, a recent proposal to remove federal protections from the North American Gray Wolf was introduced by the United States Fish and Wildlife service. It is our belief … Continue reading

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A December of Goodbyes

Bicho April 6, 2012 – December 21, 2018 On the morning of December 21, staff members Kimber and Caity found Bicho lying in the Turtle Lake Enclosure during morning rounds. There were no wounds or signs of struggle. Fiona and … Continue reading

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Ayla, April 12, 2004 – August 13, 2018

Ayla was born to Tristan and Erin in 2004. The litter included her brothers, Renki and Ruedi, and sister Kailani. We kept all four pups, and they grew up to be beautiful wolves. Unfortunately, Ayla and Kailani were bratty adolescents … Continue reading

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STEM Day Celebration!

What an amazing day our first STEM Day turned out to be! We are so grateful to the groups who came out to present their fields, and the families who came to enjoy science-based activities. With the kids heading back … Continue reading

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Twister 2006 – 2018

Saying goodbye is always hard. On Monday, June 4, we said an unexpected goodbye to our coyote, Twister. As a young pup, Twister and Willow were brought from a USDA facility near Logan UT, where they studied non-lethal methods of … Continue reading

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Another Walking Success!

Thank you everyone who joined us in person or in spirit for Walk for Wolves! The weather was beautiful, and the animals were fortunately active. It was an eventful day all around. The puppies needed another year before they were … Continue reading

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A Very Merry Birthday

Wolf Park celebrated another anniversary, and all the animals’ birthdays! For this year’s birthday, everyone received piñatas! That was fun for everyone. The interns had fun making piñatas with the appearance of frogs, caterpillars, and elephants! The wolves had a … Continue reading

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