As We Move Into 2011….

Dear Wolf Park Members and Supporters:

Wolf Park’s wolves, coyotes, foxes, bison and humans would like to take a moment and thank you, our members, for your continued support and contributions throughout the year. Without all of you we would not have the means to accomplish our mission and keep all of our animals healthy and happy.

The greatest threat to wild wolves continues to be humans and their fears about this misunderstood species.  Misinformation and anti-wolf sentiment are running high in the Western United States. Government and citizens who believe the anti-wolf rhetoric insist on removing many wolves from our barely recovering population of wild wolves.

Wolf Park’s work is needed now more than ever, in order to educate the citizens of this planet before a priceless piece of nature is once again threatened.

Wolf Park has been educating people about the nature of wolves for almost 40 years. Our work is not done, and won’t be until wolves and humans learn to coexist.

In order for Wolf Park to continue to do our part in protecting the wolf population we need your help.  When you consider how you will direct your year-end charitable giving, please partner with us today by sending a tax-deductible gift to Wolf Park.

Thanks to your past contributions we have improved many physical structures in the park and added more children’s programs, reaching out to the next generation. We have also expanded our involvement in research projects to increase world-wide understanding of canids.

Please visit our recently improved website ( for a complete review of how we applied your donations last year.

We have three key goals for this end of year appeal:

1.  To receive from 1000 of our members a $100 donation. For all donations of $100 or more we will send a 5 x 7 inch unmatted photo taken by Monty Sloan. For donations of $300 and more we will send a fully matted 8 x 10 inch print signed by Monty! To receive these special gifts, you must submit your donations by December 31, 2010. (online donations work as well)

2. Expand our Wolf Park Stewards program by having at least 50 members commit to any dollar amount of a monthly donation.

3.  In order for the organization to have long term financial security, we ask you to make Wolf Park part of your Planned Giving Program.

During 2011, some of our major projects we hope to pursue include public restroom facilities, a special enclosure for photography, improvements to the enclosures and elimination of our mortgage so that funds can be redirected to education and research efforts.

With the help of our coverage on the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and National Geographic, we are reaching out to ensure that future generations know what you know — that wolves do have a place in the world!

All of us at Wolf Park wish you a delightful holiday season, and a happy New Year!!

Holly Jaycox,
Managing Director

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