Another Walking Success!

Thank you everyone who joined us in person or in spirit for Walk for Wolves! The weather was beautiful, and the animals were fortunately active. It was an eventful day all around.

The puppies needed another year before they were ready to lead the walk, so Monty and his Leonberger led off the first lap. She enjoyed visiting all the different booths, especially the volunteer demonstrating how we prepare food for the wolves.

Our special guests included Bill Marion and his amazing Frisbee Dogs, Dawn of Promise’s Llamas talking predator deterrents, and Columbian Park Zoo with their unique assortment of creatures.

The betting for the most popular wolf contest was fierce! Despite having passed away in January, Renki still managed to win thanks to some sponsors who still love him. Ayla came in second, so she received the formal dinner. Aspen came along as her date. Interns Dariyenn and Megan did an amazing job putting together a meal for them. They certainly enjoyed their dining experience.

The bison herd is up to three calves. We auctioned off naming rights to the two newest. We’d like to introduce you now to ‘Hodor’ and ‘Mud Tumble’. We think that’s all the calves for the year, but there could always be surprises!

Hunter celebrated her birthday with a dine and dash. Happy birthday, little girl!

Did you miss the chance to get a Walk t-shirt? We’re doing another run due to their popularity. Pre-Order and we’ll ship to you as soon as they’re ready.

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May 26 After Dark
June 9 Enrichment Day
June 23 After Dark
June 20 Watermelon Party

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