Animal Updates


Photo by Ryan Talbot

Renki Update
Renki is doing great! He and Ayla enjoyed a day in the big main enclosure last week and Renki seemed delighted to have room to really stretch his legs. A missing limb isn’t slowing him down at all!

Due to a full memory card on the camera, Renki didn’t get his picture taken during the pumpkin party, so he was forced to eat a second treat-filled pumpkin for photographic purposes. It was a trial Renki seemed fairly willing to undergo. He was very good at rolling the pumpkin and dumping out the treats that way. Once he’d finished the treats, Ayla destroyed the pumpkin.


Photo by Ryan Talbot

Scarlette Update
Scarlette the red fox has bounced back to normal. Her tests are all fine and the vet thinks she just had a soft tissue injury which was causing us concern. She isn’t thrilled with her fall fashion line. Right now we’re trying out doggy sweaters. She’s very good at taking them off. We’ll find a way to keep her belly warm until the fur grows back. Fortunately, our unseasonably warm fall is giving her time to fluff out once again.



Holiday Shopping
We’ve added several dozen new items to the online store. These include Christmas ornaments, winter scarves and the limited ‘Renki Spirit’ t-shirts. The holiday season is coming soon. Do your shopping with us!




Photo by Dana Drenzek

Some Shout Out Thanks!
We’re not sure who decided to mail Kailani blankets, but she’s grateful. It took her a couple days to use them but now we often find her stretched out on the lawn blanket. Thank you to the mysterious sponsor who gave our elderly wolf some comfort!

Thanks also to Kenny and Joel who came out for a full day of winterizing the park! We’re grateful for all the work they, and other volunteers, do for us throughout the year.

Thanks to everyone who voted for our scarecrow in the Prophetstown State Park Trail of Scarecrows. We took fourth place, our best ranking so far! We can’t wait for next year to see if our intrepid intern designers can rise to the challenge and build a winning wolf-crow.

What’s Happening Elsewhere?
Check out the Yellowstone Wolf Genealogy Project on Kickstarter! Once it’s up, you’ll be able to track the genealogies of the Yellowstone wolves and learn about the as individuals. It’s a great project for understanding what’s happening out west. Check it out!

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