A Very Merry Birthday

Wolf Park celebrated another anniversary, and all the animals’ birthdays! For this year’s birthday, everyone received piñatas! That was fun for everyone. The interns had fun making piñatas with the appearance of frogs, caterpillars, and elephants! The wolves had a great time ripping them apart. As seems to be the trend lately, we didn’t get very good photos of the Threebies during the event, so they received a second set of piñatas the next day. Kanti and Bicho decided they were scary the second time around. They ripped them apart in the end.

Two bison calves have arrived! The first was born just before the Birthday Party. We let the public write down name ideas and did a random drawing. We’d like to introduce you to the first calf of the year… Vanshi! Unique choice! The second calf will be named during Walk for Wolves.

Spring is here at last, after infrequent snowstorms. Monty loved getting beautiful winter photos in April. Everyone else is happy to see flowers again. The Canada geese have returned to the pond… and the puppies are making life much harder for them than the adults did. Good luck, geese!

Walk for Wolves is just days away. We are busy prepping the facility, activities and animals. We have some great special guests coming this year… There will be llamas! This is our big fundraiser for the year and we want it to be a huge success. Come out and be a part of it. If you can’t make it, donate online and help this be our best year yet!

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