2017 Seminars


2017 is fast approach and Wolf Park is gearing up for another year of special events, seminars, camps and more. We’re offering some new seminars this year and we hope many of you will join us for learning and fun with the wolves, foxes, bison and coyotes. What’s upcoming? Well….


March 10 – 12: “From Control to Compassion: What Wild Canids Can Teach Us About Forming Deeper Bonds with Our Dogs” with Beth Duman
We begin our year with a return visit from longtime friend of the park and trainer, Beth Duman. Duman always arrives with special teachers – both human and animal – to assist with her seminars. Duman seminar always include a great deal of hands on time with the dogs, chances to meet and greet the wolves, and a great deal of group learning. This year, her workshop will ask, “Is your relationship with your dog about ‘training’ or ‘teaching’?” She’ll explore how you relate to your dogs and clients, and help re-evaluate your relationships.

14329902_570403566472717_1312678113561564923_nMarch 31 – April 2: “Fantastic Beasts and How to Train Them” with Ken McCort
World renowned trainer, Ken McCort will be conducting a series of four seminars this year. His newest is a great starting place for those wanting to work with exotic animals. Participants will work hands-on with guinea pigs and via protected contact with some of the park’s other resident species. There will be time to get to know the wolves first-hand, and engage in discussions regarding reading cues between species and different training techniques required for different creatures.

June 23 and September 1: “An Ethological Day with Wolves and Foxes”
Spend a day at Wolf Park getting to know the wolves, foxes and bison! Participants will meet the animals and learn more about their behavior and language. Enjoy up close and personal learning with canids of various sorts!

July 14 -16: “Preparing Wolf Ambassadors” and September 29 – Oct. 1: “The Canid Quartet” with the Wolf Park Staffdx721111-monty-sloan-wolf-park
For those wanting to get to know the wolves and learn more about wild canids, these are the seminars for you. Led by the Wolf Park staff, these seminars will give participants a chance to interact with the animals, learn more about their behavior, and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to look after these animals. “Preparing Wolf Ambassadors” will give participants opportunity to learn about the care and enrichment necessary to keep wolves in captivity. Participants will prepare enrichment devices, engage in observational research, and learn about daily care. “The Canid Quartet” will offer opportunities to learn more about wolves, coyotes, foxes and dogs. These canines share a world with us. Understanding them will help us better understand our planet.

July 28 – 30: “Canine Neurology and Behavior” with Ken McCort
McCort’s annual seminar will emphasis new research on neuro-biology and how it affects training. Other possible topics may include learning theory, drives and breed differences in behavior. McCort’s seminars are excellent for dog trainers both just starting out, or well advanced in their careers.

October 14 -16: “Talk to the Paw and Creative Client Coaching” with Nicole Wilde and the Wolf Park Staff
Nicole Wilde returns for her second year with us! Join us for one, two or three days of timely topics. Day One will cover subtle body language in dogs and how our gestures translate back to them. Day Two is for trainers interested in becoming better coaches for their clients. Wilde will discuss techniques for communicating clearly and creative problem solving. Day Three will give participants a chance to interact with the wolves and foxes, and learn about training non-domesticated animals.


Our annual round of Day Camps and Overnight Camps for children ages 6 – 14 are already filling up! Campers will learn about working with wild animals, the natural world around them and have a wonderful time in the process! They’ll assist with animal care, meet some of our resident species, and make lasting friends. Many of our campers keep coming back every year and we’re thrilled to see their familiar faces. Join us this June and July!


PHOTO SHOOTS AND SEMINARSdx720931-monty-sloan-wolf-park
For the amateur and professional photographer alike, photo shoots and seminars give participants a chance to step into the wolves’ habitat and photograph up close and personal. Photo Seminars offer over ninety minutes of sessions outdoors with the animals along with talks about the best ways to photograph wildlife. Photo Shoots skip the talks and go straight to animal time. Our wolves are happy to pose and our staff will help you get the best possible shot. Sessions with the foxes are also available upon request of the group.

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