100 Days

Máni in the main enclosure. Photo by Monty Sloan

The Twiglets turned 100 days old yesterday! Everyone is growing and thriving. They had their first visit to the big Turtle Lake Enclosure, and it went great. Training continues. Everyone is walking well on leashes. Aspen climbed into the golf cart on one of his walks. They have regular visits with Fiona and Timber. This week they’re getting ready for Brew on the Bridge by enjoying lots of music at night so they won’t be concerned during the big event.

Timber, Aspen and Máni. Photo by Monty Sloan

New Enrichment by the 2017 Interns. Photo by Sara Preston

Thanks to our intrepid interns, their enclosure has received some new furniture. The interns built two new huts, a bridge, and two platforms. The bridge and platforms have firehose tops, which makes them very comfortable. The whole thing won’t be assembled until the pups are larger because we don’t want them falling off the bridge, but for now they’re enjoying the platforms, and the adult wolves appreciate somewhere tall they can go to get away from crazy puppies.

Exploring the new platform. Photo by Lisa Maney

Thanks to our amazing sponsors Sarah McGraw, and Tim & Stacey Folyer! They put on the second annual ‘Wolfstock’ to support Wolf Park and spread the word about us. We’re so grateful for the bands and businesses who donated their time and resources. Both humans and animals at Wolf Park appreciate the support we receive from wonderful people in our community!

We have two new additions to Wolf Park, at least temporarily. The Park is currently home to a small colony of guinea pigs. The pigs were here to help our kids camp participants learn about safe animal handling and training. The pigs came from hoarder situations and other bad homes, so we were glad to have the opportunity to teach them that humans can be nice. One of the girls gave birth yesterday to two healthy babies. We hope to return very social young pigs to the rescue once they’re old enough to be adopted.

Upcoming Events
July 22 – Brew on the Bridge
July 27 – Tipping Point: Talking Climate Change and Carnivores
July 29 – Wolf Park After Dark

Mmmm… Enrichment!
August 18 – 20
Dr. Lindsay Mehrkam will be spending three days talking enrichment in animal facilities. Participants will have a chance to design species-specific enrichment, discuss ideas, and learn how facilities around the country are keeping their animals engaged. Whether your interest is zoos, shelters, parks or your own home, this is information worth learning!

Khewa in the pool

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