2010 Pups Now In Main Pack

This year’s new wolf pups, Dharma, Tilly, and Gordon, were added to the main pack on September 4.  It was a great success.  From Photo of the Day:

“The pups had never seen the bleachers full of folks from inside the big pen before and we were a little concerned they would be somewhat scared of this. They were not. They were cautious, but not scared. Anyway, they had fun exploring the front of the enclosure, going into the pond repeatedly, getting really muddy, greeting the locked up pack through two layers of fencing, swimming some more, getting even more muddy, etc…

“…The adults ran up and there was a wonderful rally. The pups greeted adult wolves, the adults greeted the pups. Wotan was very grumbly. Wotan has always been grumbly with the pups. They did not seem to mind at all.

“Meanwhile Ruedi was exceptionally nice to puppies, not nervous or concerned at all like he had been [when he met them earlier] in the Eastlake enclosures. Kailani was her usually happy self and Wolfgang, well, he thought they were wonderful until they started being pests, then he got the grumbles, but not as much as his brother…”

Tilly and Gordon will move on to their new homes in a short time, so if you want to see three puppies, come and see them now!  Dharma will be remaining with Wolf Park forever as one of our ambassador animals.  If you haven’t already, be sure to adopt Dharma, and come and visit her in her new home!

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