Pat’s Poetry Corner: The Yote Song (Verse Two)

Animal care is not all glamor, fame, loose cars and fast women.  Sometimes, especially during enclosure cleaning in the most humid part of late summer, or while trying to get an excitable, distracted animal to eat a pill rather than fight over it with its enclosure mate, life becomes a little bit…frustrating.

Wolf Park staff have long dealt with issues of frustration via song, which is less fattening (although arguably less satisfying) than dealing with issues of frustration via chocolate.  Thus, “The Yote Song”, born of the delights and frustrations of working with our favorite, most darling obnoxious little food grubbing demons coyotes, and all their mercurial ups and downs.  Behold: the shimmering magnificence that is Verse Two!

Verse One can be appreciated (with or without frustration-appeasing chocolate) here.

The face of an innocent.  ...or is it?

The face of an innocent. …or is it?

The Yote Song
(Verse Two)

I love coyotes, yes I do
Though they raise quite a hullaballoo

They help with tours and Howl Nights too
And that is why I scoop their poo



“Pat’s Poetry Corner” denies everything and, if accused, will point determinedly towards its little sister while shouting “No!” at the top of its voice.  Do not expose “Pat’s Poetry Corner” to sunlight, moonlight, or the winsome songs of lonely cowboys.  Grape flavoring not available on Tuesdays.  Use only as directed.

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Wolf Sighted In Czech Republic

A hidden trail camera has captured the image of a wolf crossing a remote clearing in the Czech Republic, near the rural town of Doksy.  Wolves have not been seen in the area for one hundred years.

Environmental expert Miroslav Kutal says there is likely only one wolf or maybe a pair.  The animal(s) are likely dispersing animals originating in Germany or Poland.

Source: BBC

Related articles:

Photo confirms return of wolves to Bohemia after over century – includes interview with Miroslav Kutal

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Celebrate the Wolves’ Birthday Party Saturday, May 3!

Wolves and Birthday CakeSaturday May 3, 2014:
Wolves’ Birthday Party at Wolf Park
Open 1-5 pm

Wolf birthday cakes will be distributed at 2 p.m!

Join Wolf Park in a birthday celebration for all of our canids. The Wolf Park staff will give the animals their special birthday cakes — and you a piece of birthday cake — on May 3rd!  Wild canids are all born in April or May due to the timing of their annual breeding season; hence, all of our animals’ birthdays are celebrated together.

Support Wolf Park and its efforts for research, education, and conservation. Just a $25 donation gets donors a photo of their favorite animal enjoying their birthday treat!

Open Hours: In April, Wolf Park is open Saturdays 1-5 pm for walking tours. Wolf Park’s open season begins May 1, when we will offer guided tours Tuesday through Sunday from 1-5 pm.

Howl Night is offered every Saturday night year round at 7:30 pm.

General admission is $8 for adults, $6 for children 6 –13, children five and under and Wolf Park Members are always free. For more information call 765-567-2265 weekdays. General park information can be found online at

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Wolf Park Footage in “Inside Animal Minds”

The revolutionary science of animal cognition is revealing hard evidence about how animals understand the world around them, uncovering their remarkable problem-solving abilities, and exploring the complexity of their powers of communication and even their emotions. In the three-hour special “Inside Animal Minds,” NOVA explores these breakthroughs through three iconic creatures: dogs, birds, and dolphins.

Inside Animal Minds” , a three-part series featuring footage taken at Wolf Park in July, 2013, will be broadcast April 9, 16, and 23 at 9 pm on PBS in the US.  Don’t forget to tune in!

Chris Packham poses with Dharma.  Photo (c)BBC.

Chris Packham poses in the Turtle Lake enclosure. Photo (c)BBC.

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Only 3 Spots Left For Roger Abrantes Guinea Pig Training Camp!


There are only 3 spots remaining for
Guinea Pig Camp with Roger Abrantes,
May 29 – June 1, 2014!

Call the Wolf Park office at 765-567-2265 ext. 100 to reserve your spot!
You cannot reserve a spot online!

65590_525566267486289_325375710_nA truly unique experience, this four day camp is perfect for dog trainers, animal behaviorists, or anyone that wants to learn more about having a relationship with animals. Of course guinea pigs are cute and fun, but this camp is a serious workshop. In four days’ time, your team will develop a relationship with your guinea pig (provided) and teach it detect gunpowder (we could choose lavender detection, but gunpowder is more exciting!)

You will get something at Wolf Park that you cannot get at any other guinea pig training camp – a chance to interact with our socialized wolves! We will take breaks from the guinea pig training to visit the wolves and discuss the similarities and differences between training the wolves and training guinea pigs!

Roger Abrantes guinea pig seminarWhy should dog trainers train guinea pigs?

Training dogs is easy compared to training other species due to the special relationship between humans and dogs. Dogs tend to overlook most of our mistakes and give us a lot of second chances. Animals that don’t have such a close relationship with humans are far less forgiving so it is a high priority to be precise, plan your training, develop your observation skills and have a Plan B available.

Training guinea pigs will help make you a better, more observant dog trainer; more attentive to detail and more receptive to the feedback your dog gives you. Another advantage of training guinea pigs is that you won’t have a strong bond with the guinea pig you train and you will therefore be more objective than in your dog training. You will not have developed any bad habits, as training guinea pigs will be novel to you. You won’t
identify with the guinea pig you train in the same way dog owners identify with their dogs, so you will not feel embarrassed if your guinea pig makes a mistake. Training a guinea pig will improve your theoretical knowledge as well as your mechanical skills. You will be amazed at how much you can teach a guinea pig in just four days!

Each team of three students will have a guinea pig to train, a training box, agility obstacles, food treats and a whistle (or clicker). Each student within a team will take turns to be trainer, observer and camera operator. The trainer trains, the observer registers the session and ensures it follows the previously designed POA (Plan of Action), and the camera operator films the session. Since all three will follow a carefully designed plan, there is no problem in taking turns at training the same guinea pig. The team’s training will be mostly consistent but, should small variations occur, we will regard them as a bonus and an opportunity to compare factors that may influence training. That is why all the sessions are filmed.

Click here to see a video of the camp.

Click here to visit Roger’s Guinea Pig Camp Facebook page – you can see the Guinea pig agility courses we will be using during the camp.

The guinea pig camp at Wolf Park includes four full days of camp, lunch on all four days, visits in the wolf enclosures, a one year membership to Wolf Park and a souvenir mug. The schedule at Wolf Park will be different than that of camps held at other venues to include wolf visits. Lodging and transportation are not included. After you sign up, the materials you receive will include information on how to get to Wolf Park and lodging options.

Please email or call +1 (765)567-2265 for more information.

Participants must be at least 18 years old.

Refund Policy: There are NO REFUNDS for this camp. You may send an alternate in your place. If you inform Wolf Park that you cannot attend at least two weeks in advance, and we have 30 paid participants and we fill your seat with a paid participant, we will refund 75% of your camp fee.

Cancellation Policy: In the rare event that this camp needs to be cancelled by Wolf Park, a full refund will be issued.

CCPDT Members: Earn CEUs by attending this seminar!

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Pat’s Poetry Corner: The Yote Song

There is a dark, or rather a squishy, side to keeping animals, including wolves and their cousins, coyotes.  What goes in must come out, as it were, and after the excitement of feeding demonstrations must come the, er, exudate of the cleanup experience.

Wolf Park’s current coyotes, Willow and Twister, exude with the best of them: coyote droppings and pee are notoriously stinky.  Thus, their enclosure is cleaned every week by a dedicated crew armed with buckets and tongs.  Our beloved coyotes are also known for being extremely agile and energetic — they often bounce around on their hind legs when excited, and they often get excited when people enter their enclosure, with buckets and tongs, to clean.

This combination of events has led to the following bibelot:

We could not locate a photo of a bouncing coyote, but please enjoy this photo of a bouncing Wolfgang.

We could not locate a photo of a bouncing coyote, but please enjoy this photo of a bouncing Wolfgang.

The Yote Song

I love coyotes,
Yes I do.

Their pee stinks
And their poo does too.

But they hop like the kangaroo,
And that is why I scoop their poo.


“Pat’s Poetry Corner” should not be used late at night, after meals, in closets, or at any time without supervision by a qualified archaeologist.  Apply liberally through hair, rinse, and repeat.  If irritation occurs, discontinue use and notify the appropriate local authorities.

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Two Pairs Of Mexican Wolves Released!

The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD) are releasing two pairs of Mexican wolves back into the wild.

On April 2 they released M1290 and F1218 into the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area in Arizona.  The second pair, M1249 and F1126, will be released next week into the primary zone of recovery in Apache National Forest.

The male wolves were captured during the annual wolf population survey.  The females were selected from captive populations with intent to increase the genetic diversity of wild populations.  Both pairs of wolves were held in captivity through the breeding season (February and March).  Both females are believed to be pregnant.

Read the full article here.

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Knights Collect Shrubberies in Main Enclosure

The phone on my desk rang this morning. “We are at the gate. We need a shrubbery. Now.”

“Um, who is this please?” I asked.

tumblr_lnew5o8T6R1qltt3uo1_500“We are knights sent by the Knights of Ni. Prepare the shrubbery.”

“I’m putting you on hold, Sir Knights, while I prepare preparations,” I explained, playing for time. I’d seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This seemed to call for our own Monty (Python) Sloan, so I called him on my cell phone. He replied that he would be along as soon as he had coffee.

Thinking about the knights’ request, I realized that this would be a perfect way to “rehome” a bunch of young willows which obscured the view of Turtle Lake. The Lollipup Guild (Fiona, Bicho and Kanti) was in the Turtle Lake enclosure at the time so there was no need to lock up The Kraken Wolfgang while we obtained a shrubbery, but we might need some backup to reduce “helping” by our four-legged friends. I called Brian, who offered to call Ryan too, while I went to meet the knights sent by the Knights of Ni.

The knights proved to be two pleasant gentlemen, who had been cantering in circles and figures of eight, with their coconuts, while waiting in front of the gate. They were on a quest for shrubbery, or better yet, two shrubberies, one taller than the other, so one could be placed in front of the other for a nice two level effect, with a little path running between them. While I gave the coconut knights the safety orientation*, Brian was still trying to reach Ryan, who had stayed up late.

shrubberyBy the time the safety orientation was over the coconut knights were eager to get started and pranced to the castanet-like accompaniment of their coconut shells. Monty brought his garden wagon, and Brian and Ryan brought a couple of our large wheelbarrows. Once inside we showed the coconut knights the willows we wanted removed. After the long cold winter they looked like sticks, not having yet leafed out. Were they shrubbery?

At first the coconut knights were not convinced, but we led them to the older stand of willows and showed them the paths the wolves had made through them. Bicho, Kanti and Fiona came over and wove convincingly through the little paths among the willows. And just think, we pointed out – these willows are young and trainable. You can trim some to get the much desired two-level effect. You can even trim them so that the shorter ones undulate against the background of the taller ones.



The coconut knights were much taken by the word “undulate,” and agreed. One of them set down his coconuts and pulled a curious corkscrew like instrument from inside his chain mail shirt. Kanti immediately seized the coconuts and ran off with them, pursued by Bicho, Fiona, and the other coconut knight, whose hollow clopping that he made with his own coconuts, was so fast that it resembled machine gun fire. Kanti dropped one coconut, and Bicho grabbed it. The two brothers veered in opposite directions.

The coconut knight gave up his pursuit and returned to help his fellow knight uproot willow saplings. In doing so, he put down his coconuts and Fiona got them. She let them go and they started clopping off, on their own, through some of the underbrush. The coconut knights briefly tried to recapture them, but the coconuts successfully evaded capture, at least by humans.

After about an hour’s work the wagon and wheel barrows were full of trainable young shrubbery. The shore of Turtle Lake was clear again. We could still hear hollow clopping from time to time, and so could the yearlings, who were doggedly hunting the coconuts, occasionally mouse pouncing in attempts to pin them down.

The coconut knights thanked us profusely in their British accents. “Oh, it’s no problem, we always do something involving medical procedures, environmental enrichment, or training on Mondays” we said.

“Yes, but today is Tuesday**,” they replied, further adding that they would leave their coconuts here since the coconuts seemed happy at the Park, and much less repressed. We let them use the office phone to call for a conveyance to take the willows somewhere hence, and this afternoon, Bicho, Kanti, and Fiona, were still happily playing with the coconuts.***


Continue reading

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2014 Kids Camp Dates


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Join Us For Our Easter Party Saturday, April 12!

Renki Looking Silly with a Wide Angle LensWolf Park’s 13th Annual Easter Party
Saturday April 12, 2014
Open 1:00 -5:00 pm

Featuring the Easter Bunny!

You are invited to join Wolf Park on Saturday, April 12th for our 13th annual Easter Party!

There will be egg hunts for kids 1-13 years of age (bring a basket!), and there will also be an egg hunt for the Wolf Park wolves at 2 pm! The Easter Bunny will hop into the wolf enclosure (the wolves will be elsewhere) and will hide Easter eggs for the wolves to find (they will be let back into the enclosure after the Bunny leaves). Come see our wolves get their Easter treats, and get some treats of your own!

Wolves’ egg hunt begins at 2:00 pm sharp!

Egg hunts for children will be held between 3:00-4:00 pm.

Guided tours of the Park will be offered at 1:15, 2:15 3:15, and 4:15, followed by a handling demonstration at 4:30.

Wolf Park closes at 5:00 and the gates re-open at 7 for Howl Night.

Adults regular price
Children 13 and under FREE

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